This website is dedicated to all people interested in nature and elemental beings who want to know more about them in the spirit of gratefulness and friendship.

You will find here a collection of reliable and sound texts concerning this topic. But additionally we want to offer a possibility for exchange and networking.

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As we would like to enable access to this information to international visitors, we are working on an English translation. During the upcoming weeks and months, we will upload translations of past articles. Alas, being no native speakers, this effort can only be far from perfect. If you want to help us and participate in the project, we would be very pleased! Just send an e-mail to elfenwirken@gmx.at!

The development of this site was inspired by two different sources. At first I read a book by Abd-ru-shin (Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, 1875-1941) „In the Light of Truth“. Apart from a lot of other valuable insights I gained through this book I was impressed by the portrayal of elemental beings. Abd-ru-shin doesn’t limit his explanations on elemental beings to outward appearances but describes plainly their tasks and significance as a species and the difference between elemental beings and humans. He also informs about clairvoyance and other paranormal phenomena (and the risks of it) and cautions emphatically about all forms of occult training.

A few years later I discovered a book by Margot Ruis, an Austrian writer, who is able to see and communicate with elemental beings. Her first book – „Naturwesen – Begegnung mit Freunden des Menschen“ / „Nature beings – Meeting with friends of humanity“ was published in 1994 and is now available in its 6th edition by the publication house „Gralsverlag“. It was well received in German speaking countries, but was unfortunately never translated into English. According to Ruis’s communications the elemental beings wish to make known their existence and to inform people about their needs.

On 13 October 2013 a documentary movie with Margot Ruis and Gerhard Kogoj, her husband, premiered:

Naturwesen – Botschaft von vergessenen Freunden

It was me who had the initial idea for this project. I was involved in the development of the movie and provided a considerable part of the nature shots.

Since March 2015 an english version of the documentary is available:

Nature Beings – Messages from Forgotten Friends


May the knowledge about the existence and the essential work of the elemental beings in our world grow like silent circles in the water and overcome the materialism so characteristic of this age!

In Margot Ruis’s recent book „Nature Beings and Earth Healing“ (Gralsverlag 2011) you can read:

„Before holding a seminar in 2009 I asked a Great Elf, if I could relate something positive. I didn’t want to be Cassandra all the time! „Some people become clearer, lighter, some“ he answered and I was glad. „ But most of them are really far from that.“ That was not what I would call good news. „But how could that process be accelerated?“, I wanted to know. „How many people are necessary for a real change?“ – „One out of 100“, was the somewhat surprising reply.“ (p. 152)

We dedicate this website to all nature beings and hope that via this information as many people as possible can come closer to nature and its beings!

If you want to join in the development of our weblog and would like to send in articles, suggestions or (constructive) critical comments, please write to elfenwirken@gmx.at!

Alvin – The Elfenfriend                                                                         March 2015

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