Alvin – The Elfenfriend

The Elfenfriend is a child of the mountains, even though he is currently living on the plains. Already in high school he began to have an interest in the world “beyond” the five senses. This interest developed into a feverish search over the course of his education in music. In 1991 he found convincing answers to his questions in the lectures of Abd-ru-shin (born Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, 1875 – 1941), which are compiled in the book “In the Light of Truth” (also known as the “Grail Message”). Simultaneously, his conviction about the existence of nature beings arose from this same source.

For the 14 years that followed Alvin was employed in a Waldorf school, as a classroom and music teacher. In parallel with his professional education and high-caliber instruction, he had the possibility to further develop his artistic and teaching skills.

In 2012 he collaborated with Margot Ruis for about a year; the goal being to help more people experience the existence of nature beings. From this desire the idea arose to produce a film with Margot Ruis and Gerhard Kogoj and that lead to this blog.

“Alvin” is an old Anglo-Saxon name with the meaning “Elfenfriend”.

The Elfenfriend is married, and he and his wife have four children in a range of ages. He lives and works in Austria.

(Translated by HLB in September 2016)