On Clairvoyance

“If only I could see or perceive these beings! I wouldn’t be dependent from depictions and could gain direct and vivid knowledge.” I am sure that many of us think like that. It is an obvious and understandable wish for everyone who wants to befriend nature beings.

In fact New age courses and seminars propagate a lot of methods which are reputed to allow access to the “Hidden” (Occult): meditation, “channeling” (formerly called “mediumism”), spiritism, shamanism, telepathy, hypnosis, astral voyages and so on. Some occult methods like table rapping or the summoning of spirits are played even by teenagers like games at parties.

In our enthusiasm to go beyond the reigning materialism we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the considerable risks which are inherent in these methods and are unfortunately often overlooked.

You mustn’t forget (even if it is often forgotten today) that men and women are spiritual creatures with an ethereal and a physical body. Consistently the spiritual and ethereal parts of humans can also be damaged if one fools around with them.

On the one hand our normal limited perception can be an obstacle, if seeking knowledge of the “other” world and the connected world of elemental beings. On the other hand this limitation offers a necessary and valuable protection which we can’t really fathom (in fact because of the limitations to our consciousness). There are not only nice and luminous beings in our immediate ethereal surroundings, but also dark and hurtful forces. We are naturally protected from these influences by not knowing about them … because our consciousness doesn’t build bridges to them!

There are and were people who are gifted with clairvoyance. To them it is a special ability as well as a responsibility for their path of life. They are designated “messengers” who are empowered and protected against forces trying to drag them down. It can’t be presumed that other people are protected as well!

Furthermore, even the descriptions given by particularly talented clairvoyants should be taken with a pinch of salt. Each representation of the netherworld, of nature and elemental beings is coloured by individual experiences and believes. We can learn a lot of things from their portrayals, but it pays to be vigilant and to bear in mind that these are subjective experiences, no universal truths.

If you want to read a more comprehensive account on this issue just read our articles “Elementals and Perception” (May 2014) and “Fairies and Form” (March 2014)!

I was always interested in the „supernatural“. It’s only thanks to the fact that I got to know the book “In the Light of Truth” by Abd-ru-shin (Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, 1875 – 1941) in my early twenties that I never was tempted to use occult methods. Abd-ru-shin warns all readers earnestly against occult training. He describes all circumstances in the netherworld and the procedures connected with clairvoyance and mediums comprehensively and detailed with the aim of clarifying the consequences for naïve users of occult methods. And last but not least the considerate reader will know how to achieve knowledge of the world beyond by natural and therefore safe means. But to get an idea of what I am talking about you can read the lecture „Is Occult Training Advisable?“ as an example.

Alvin – The Elfenfriend                                                                               March 2015

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    could you please tell me, where can I find your articles “Elementals and Perception” (May 2014) and “Fairies and Form” (March 2014) online?

    Thanks a lot.

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